The Whole Person Wheel

Whole Person Wheel

The Whole Person Wheel provides a simple, beginning structure for conceptualizing the elements of the human being and relational experience. We benefit when all parts of our being are acknowledged and accepted. All parts of ourselves want and need to work together. This discussion of “Soul” and “Spirit” is not offered from a religious or theological perspective: but rather, attempts to provide a framework allowing the concepts of “soul” and “spirit” to find a deeper integration with how “normal” human life is viewed. How we define problems and create solutions depends on our experiences. Particular theory or practice can only provide a “Point of Entry” to the whole human system. The Whole Person Wheel allows us to expand into a truly integrative approach. It allows us to recognise the Soul in the physical, mental, emotional and systemic aspects of Earthly existence. It allows us to acknowledge the human being as part of the Spiritual; the expanded nature of life.

The Spiritual Life is The Mundane Life.
The Mundane Life is the Spiritual Life.
They are the same.
~ Full Life~


The Soul is the individuated expression of Spirit. The Soul manifests through the physical, mental, emotional and systemic qualities of the human being. read more »


The body is the physical manifestation of the Soul. Eastern thought open one’s awareness to the “chi” or “prana.” Both words mean “Life Force.” read more »


Being grounded and clear about what is in our physical world now allows our spiritual nature to move into more clarity, order and productivity. read more »


Our “irrational” feelings or emotions are often the very thing that moves us into discovering what is really true about ourselves and our lives. read more »


Our systemic connections are inherent to who and what we are. Our Soul is part of a “family soul” as surely as our flesh is part of the family DNA system. read more


The Spiritual Life, the Spiritual Experience is where we find that which is one with us and also extends beyond us. read more »