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Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Mediation Services

Mediation is the vehicle that takes conflicting parties to their intended destination – resolution. Mediation sessions create the opportunity to settle disputes in an effective, cost efficient manner. Individuals, families and organizations are turning to mediation as an alternative to the costly and adversarial legal process. Utilizing Non-Violent Communication, the parties are able to achieve respectful, non-judgmental problem solving. A mediator is not a judge; s/he does not decide who is right or wrong / good or bad. The mediator aids the parties by guiding them through an effective step-by-step process. The parties are given the time and space to explain the problem situation as they see it and present their ideas for how they think the matter can best be resolved.  Carolyn completed General Mediation Training and Divorce Mediation Training in 1997 through Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio. 

Divorce and Child Custody Mediation

The court-house is frequently NOT the best place for couples and parents to turn to for help when they are in the midst of a divorce and/or separation. Carolyn assists parents in custody issues both during and following their divorce.  Carolyn’s therapeutic background in working with children and understanding the psychological impact of divorce, separation and parenting arrangements has proven to be a major asset in working with families. She can help families find realistic financial solutions with attention to both long term and short term implications.

Mediation can help couples:

    • Avoid, or at least, minimize the increased pain and cost so often created in the adversarial legal system.
    • Resolve parenting and/or divorce issues in a way that attends the needs of both individuals and the needs of the children.
    • Plan for the present and future parenting of the children.
    • Divide marital assets and liabilities.
    • Help to established two financially stable households.
    • Manage individual feelings and behavior throughout the process.
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"The point is...to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering the ground which transcends and encompasses them both."

Ken Wilber, No Boundary

General Mediation for Organizations and Non-Familial Conflicts

Organizations and groups often create their own set of “family dynamics” that can frequently be just as difficult and painful. This process assists with conflicts between individuals (supervisor/employee or employee/employee) within an organization or with the over all functioning of the group. It focused on the present formulating positive resolutions to enhance future achievement, productivity and satisfaction.

Mediation can help organizations:

    • Understand the origins and dynamics of the conflict.
    • Help disputants manage their emotions and behavior to facilitate communication.
    • Find the common goals, objectives and values.
    • Be willing to find the WIN / WIN in the situation.

In difficult and painful situation, mediation can assist you in moving though the chaos and emotional pain in a way that is respectful, attentive to all, and effective.

Respecting others in the midst of conflict is truly showing respect for yourself.