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Workshops and Retreats

Carolyn has a passion and gift for creating life changing experiences through her retreats and workshops and offers a variety of possibilities. She incorporates innovative experience with well grounded knowledge and, of course, plenty of fun, humor, and time for rich self-care. In addition, to offering Systemic Constellation Workshops, she is available to provide workshop/retreats for your group. Events can range from a few hours to a full 4 or 5 day experience. Carolyn is pleased to work with you toward creating the Workshop or Retreat that best meets the needs of your group. 

Since 1981, Carolyn has developed and taught a wide variety of retreats and workshops for a multitude of groups. Carolyn began curriculum development and teaching at Hamilton County Juvenile Court (Cincinnati, Ohio) where she developed, taught and supervised the Drug and Alcohol Orientation Program for residents and new staff. Since that time, she has developed retreats and workshops for churches, other spiritual groups, women’s groups, parenting groups, social service agencies and treatment facilities. More About Carolyn…

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"As you teach so will you learn. If that is true, and it is true indeed, do not forget that what you teach is teaching you."

Course in Miracles

Systemic Constellation Workshops

Carolyn offers Systemic Constellation Workshops on an on-going basis. You are welcome to register for one of the workshops or contact Carolyn to have a Workshop planned for your already existing group. Click here for information about the dates and times for scheduled workshops. Find interesting articles and videos about this work.  

Tending Our Bodies From the Sacred Place; A Wise Woman Workshop

This workshop promotes shifting from the shame-filled need to “fix” everything that is “wrong” with us as women to a paradigm promoting warm, nourishing self care and acceptance as we tend our bodies. We will develop self-care rituals from a place beyond the judgemental “should’s” of our culture. This workshop incorporates the Chakra System, the Rhythms of Earth, Ritual, and Body Movement. Some of what we learn will make us angry and sad. Some of what we learn will lead us to peace and joy. All of what we learn will empower us. The workshop provides delightful community, education, and exploration! We experience the Delight of Being Alive…the Delight of Being Woman.

The Labyrinth As A Spiritual Path

To walk the labyrinth’s path is to access another dimension of reality whose existence we have almost forgotten. It is a path to access the divine and speaks to us of nature, of our bodies, the body of the earth and the interconnectedness of all creation. This workshop provides information about the history and myth of the labyrinth. The workshop provides time to walk two different labyrinths and provides time to process the experience. Other meditative experiences will be offered in conjunction with the “Walking Meditation” that the Labyrinth experience provides.

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine; Embracing the Sacred Masculine

Using history, anthropology and spiritual teachings, we explore the beauty and rightness of human love and sexuality between the sexes. Five thousand years of shaming the feminine has left the masculine in even deeper shame as they desire the forbidden. This workshop offers a unique and innovative exploration for couples and individuals who what to be fully alive and available in their individual conception of themselves, as well as, in their relationships.

Wisdom of the Four Directions …and the 5th, 6th and 7th

This workshop incorporates the wisdom of indigenous peoples into our interpersonal life and spirituality. Ancient, indigenous peoples, spanning the globe, found wisdom and insight though nature: the seasons, daily voyage of the sun, the rhythms of birth/death/re-birth. Exploring the Directions of the Planet and Creation provides us with the ever present reminder of the interconnectedness of all. We find clarity, continuity, promise and faith in connecting to the natural rhythms that surround us.

Touching Earth, Finding Balance; An Experience in Eco-Psychology

(Professional CEU’s provided)

Natural areas can have a positive effect in dealing with stress, anxiety and frustration. I f natural areas provide a quieting, connecting experience, could they be a part of the healing process? This 3-day back-packing event explores Earth as healer in the counseling setting and in our own lives. Guided Meditation, Ritual and Body Movement are incorporated into the experience. We have time to reflect, journal, discuss our experience, enjoy our natural setting and seek a sense of balance. And have fun!!!

Integrating the Spiritual Life, Alternative Treatments & Psychotherapy … An Ethical Responsibility

(Professional CEU’s provided)

This workshop examines the impact that the client’s cosmological belief system has on the client’s definition of the problem. The cosmological belief system inherent to the treatment modality may be the primary factor in its effectiveness.To serve the client, mental health professions have an ethical responsibility to integrate an expanded view of the human being. Important and fundamental aspects of the client may be disregarded when adhering to limiting or rigid models of treatment. This workshop will enable participants to move more confidently toward simultaneously creating a professionally ethical practice and a truly healing environment for their client