Integrative Therapies

- Embracing the Whole Person

Integrative Therapies bridge the medical and cognitive models of mental health with the recognition that the spiritual, soul journey is the underlying force in healing and personal growth.

Carolyn’s clients are able to enhance their lives through developing expanded perspectives and applying new ways of being and doing to their lives.

Utiizing the client’s innate wisdom and paying careful attention to the present are primary to Carolyn’s work.

You can find your next step…
Peace and resolution can be achieved.

Carolyn’s services bridge the medical and cognitive models of mental health with the recognition of the spiritual soul journey as being the underlying force in healing and personal growth. Working with the spiritual belief system of the client, watching the movement of the soul, and paying careful attention to the present are primary to Carolyn’s work.

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"The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself"

- Michel de Montaigne, Of Solitude
2023 WFS Virtual Conference - EnJOY! The Journey:

Generational Trauma - Family Loyalty and Addiction - Saturday, June 10, 2023

Carolyn's workshop will explore the impact of generational trauma, individual trauma and the role addiction plays in the survival of your family system - as well as your own survival. Transgenerational trauma and the inherent need to belong can greatly impact one's path to recovery. 

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Carolyn is highly skilled in working with…

Depression / Anxiety / Chronic Stress
Post-Traumatic Stress
Body Image / Eating Disorders
Grief / Complicated Grief Issues
Catastrophic Illness / Death and Dying Issues
Psychotic Episodes
Bi-Polar Experiences / Mood Disorders
Life Skills / Organizational Development / Budgeting
Family / Parenting  / Relationship Issues

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Integrative Psychotherapy 

Integrative Psychotherapy incorporates both Transpersonal or Depth Psychology, as well as, Expanded Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Integrating all that we are: mind, body, spirit; demands that we integrate our approaches toward healing, growth and well being. We need awareness, freedom and expansiveness to utilize all that is available to us for our healing and growth. 
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Systemic Constellation Work 

Systemic Constellation Work can help a person see the systemic relevance of life from a different perspective. Life’s problems may have origins in current or generational hidden loyalties. The work can be done in groups or individually. (And despite its interesting name…it does not have anything to do with astrology.) 
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Mediation and Conflict Resolution 

Mediation and Conflict Resolution is an effective, cost efficient alternative to settling disputes and problem solving. Utilizing Non-Violent Communication, mediation is the vehicle that takes the parties to their intended destination - conflict resolution. The mediator keeps the parties focused and moving in a forward direction towards that destination. 
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Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and Retreats offered by Carolyn provide a perfect mix of knowledge, experiential opportunity and always, always plenty of fun and time for rich self-care. In addition to offering Systemic Constellation Workshops, she is available to provide workshop/retreats for your group. Events can range from a few hours to a full 4 or 5 day experience. 
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