Integrative Psychotherapy

The word “Psyche” means, “Soul.”

Psychotherapy means, “Care of the Soul.”

Integrative Psychotherapy means…

Incorporating both Transpersonal or Depth Psychology, as well as, Expanded Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.  Integrating all that we are: mind, body, spirit; demands that we integrate our approaches toward healing, growth and well being. We need awareness, freedom and expansiveness to utilize all that is available to us for our healing and growth.

Integrative Psychotherapy

  • Incorporates Transpersonal or Depth Psychology, and Expanded Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.
  • Follows “templates” in the body utilizing somatic / sensorimotor approaches.
  • Asks, “What is helpful NOW…for THIS INDIVIDUAL NOW?”
  • Attends the present while acknowledging the influence of past experience on our present reality.
  • Addresses both the “being” and the “doing” aspects of the human life.
  • Addresses both the mundane and spiritual life.
  • Provides empowerment while acccepting where we are truly powerless.
  • Allows for individuation while acknowledging the influences of inner-connectedness.
  • Acknowledges pain and pleasure as normal, valuable and recurring experiences of the human being.
  • Works with the spiritual belief system of the client, watches the movement of the soul, and pays careful attention to the present.
  • Works with medical and alternative treatments and providers in a complementary manner.

Your own Soul knows the path…

Integrative Psychotherapy can help you hear your Soul as it speaks through Mind, Body, Spirit.