Our systemic connections are inherent to who and what we are.  Our Soul is part of a “family soul” as surely as our flesh is part of the family DNA system.  Social psychology, Systems theory, Gestalt therapy and Systemic Constellation Work all recognize that we are inherently a part of a greater whole; and within that whole, we have properties of individuation.  A blood cell in your body is you and is not you.  A blood cell in your body is an individuated entity while being a part of a greater whole.  So we are to our families and ancestors, our communities, our nation, our Universe…to All That Is.  We cannot be separate from these systems, or go beyond their influences. We are simply a part of them. Systemic awareness can simultaneously provide one with a deep sense of connection and humility. Seeing ourselves as part of many, many systems, leaves us with a humbling experience.  We achieve a clearer view of who we are and who we are not.  Seeing life from a systemic perspective can often help a person move beyond feelings of isolation, apathy and meaninglessness. Seeing life from a more expanded perspective increases our understanding of how our lives and experiences are working within the larger evolutionary process of life.  Systemic awareness does not promote grandiose visions of total sovereignty.  Instead, it asks us to stand in awe of the grandeur of what we are a part of.  We come to know that life does have meaning.  We see truth of our value; individually and collectively.