Being grounded and clear about what is in our present, physical world allows our spiritual nature to move into increased clarity, order and productivity.  Past experiences can result in learned behaviors, thoughts and sensorimotor reactions that no longer serve. Cognitive Behavioral Approaches can assist us in moving  from a “past-reactive” mode to a “present-responsive” mode.  Mindfulness and  rational problem solving allows one to evaluate the present without filters from the past interfering.  Our mental capacity is that which allows our creative, intuitive nature to come into expression.  It allows us the place to imagine our positive future and determine what our part in manifesting it truly is. We find empowerment though embracing mature, soul nourishing responsibility.  It allows us to ask the questions; “What do I want?”  and “How do I achieve it?”  Grounded manifestation has a place to emerge.  We know and accept what is ours to do in a co-creative process.  The mental work of the soul allows the mind to ”watch” the thoughts and emotions we experience. This observation prevents us from over-identifying with strong belief systems and emotions; past or present.  We experience them, but we are not them.  We have no need to judge or deny uncomfortable thoughts and emotions; thereby, finding space to explore them.  With acknowledgement and acceptance, that which is no longer needed is free to transform into something new.  The focused, centered mind is that which is needed to make meaning of even the most vibrant spiritual experiences or deepest nudging of the soul.