Our “irrational” feelings or emotions are often the very thing that moves us into discovering what is really true about ourselves and our lives.  Our emotional feelings help us know when we need to pay attention to something, even when we do not rationally know what that “something” is.  When rational thought just does not address the deeper or “irrational” feelings, it is imperative to explore the source of those feelings. Disregarded or repressed feelings do not go away; they just show up in a different way.  Painful or uncomfortable emotions are most often those that get labeled as “irrational or wrong.”  The need to judge  one’s emotions as good or bad, rational or irrational, is learned from social constructs that may not always be helpful. Dream work, journaling, imagery and other techniques can help one move beyond the “judging authority” to find one’s own deep authority.  Expanded awareness can result in understanding just how appropriate the “irrational” feelings truly are.  Emotions focused therapy can utilize the energy that is contained in the emotion. Emotions can be used toward motivation and action.  Telling our stories and simply having our feelings validated can often be the healing balm to the Soul.   Deep work is often necessary to heal old wounds, move through the pain of the past and connect with life’s higher purpose. Allowing our emotions to have validity can give us the freedom to access and honor our own deep intuitive knowing. Our experience of emotions can often be the nectar of life.  Experiencing our emotions, even the painful ones, can help us access the “truthteller” in our Soul.