The articles and videos below provide information that will assist you in understanding the practice, theory and science behind Systemic Constellations Work. Questions, comments or other feedback? Let me know!

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Carolyn’s Comments at the 25th Anniversary of Take Back the Night; April, 24, 2014

Including Alse; Carolyn Zahner, 2013

The Act of Bowing; Reconciliation or Retraumatization?; Carolyn Zahner, 2011

Systemic Constellation Work; Philosophy, Process & Possibilities; Carolyn Zahner, 2008

The Stories That Bind Us; Bruce Feiler, New York Times, March 15, 2012


A Ghost in Our Genes

Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations

Malidoma Somé - 3rd Systemic Constellations Conference - Just for fun!